deeply etched mollusk

•March 11, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Well, after a longer absence than I’d planned the lazy blogger is back!

This is my current project: a 4×6 plate with deep etching that allows for a combo of intaglio and relief techniques. I’m still playing with color options but I think I actually like it best just wiped as usual without the heavy roll of relief ink as well. I was originally thinking about a city skyline image for this project, but once I got my head wrapped around the technique I realized that it was not going to be as cool as I’d envisioned and drastically changed directions to this little snail dude! I like it, it’s been a while since I’ve drawn snails but they used to figure prominently in my doodles.


real mezzotints….

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Well, I have not been moved to update this for a while, but here I am! Stayed late in the city last week to check out these awesome prints. Unfortunately they were more intimidating than inspiring… There are some incredible pieces, check ’em out.

mezzotint image revealed! stop the presses!

•January 29, 2010 • 1 Comment

now do you see it?

Here it is, the second stage of my print! After working for a looong time yesterday trying to get the flames burnished enough and not over-wiping the fire area I was frustrated and hating this image… So I stomped over to the table of first time etchers industriously prepping plates, showed them my print and challenged them to identify the image. Since 2 of them immediately and in unison stated “campfire in the dark” I felt better. I definitely needed that, having spent hours 6 inches from the damn plate I couldn’t tell if it was working or not!

It is not yet finished, there is another stage to come, but it will be next week when that happens. In the meantime I should put some of the prints I did in the fall up here.

of chainmail and mezzotints

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Well, here we go: boldly forth into the “blogisphere”…

I am experimenting with the intaglio technique of mezzotinting, where the plate is etched dark and then the image is burnished in. My plate was not darkening evenly, but it looked interesting so I stopped, printed it and am letting it dictate my image! Stay tuned for its next stage, probably at the end of the week.

The chainmail is just for fun! My sis is learning how to make it in case the 7 yo lad she is helping to outfit in knight’s gear can manage it. I will probably do more with it than this electric fence wire sample, some jewelery perhaps.